27 November 2010


For Immediate action:
• When making purchasing decisions, we will go for reduced/recyclable packaging, and will buy items that incorporate recycled materials, such as toilet and tissue paper made from recycled paper.
• We will keep several 'green bags' in the car boot, and use them for carrying our groceries. We will refuse plastic bags.
• We will put a "No junk mail" sticker on our letterbox.
• We will take care to maximise our recycling of clean glass, paper and plastics, as provided for by Council.
• We will compost our food scraps, and use our worm farm for paper bags and food scraps.
• We will continue to only have one household car. Cess will continue to use the bus to get to and from work.
• We will grow vegetables and herbs in our own garden to minimise the need to buy them.
• We will use home baking for school lunches etc instead of processed museli bars, biscuits etc.
• We will use only cold water for washing clothes.
Short term goals:
• We will lobby Council to extend the range of items collected for recycling, including separate collection of food and green wastes, collection of all plastics, provision for collecting old foam furniture and mattresses, and proper provision for the collection and safe disposal of our old electronic goods (TV's, mobile phones and computer stuff) and fluorescent tubes, which contain toxic wastes.
Medium to long-term goals:
• We will only buy things when we really need them, and we will try to buy items that can be repaired rather than having to be thrown away if they fail.
• Consider getting some chickens to produce free range eggs.
• Consider the large energy cost and environmental impact that results from the production of meat, and perhaps eat a little less of it?

Toilet Paper!

Who thought it would be so hard to buy toilet paper that is NOT wrapped in plastic.  I remember when we lived in Kerikeri the local supermarket used to sell Earthcare in brown paper wrapping.  I ahve been to 5 supermarkets and not one of them stocks it.  Finally today I went to a health food store and found some!  Yay...guilt free toilet paper again!

21 November 2010

First BIG supermarket shop...

Jeez, that was HARD.  Ty and I went to our local Pak n Save to do the weekly shop.  I had our reuseable shopping bags with us and some of the previous plastic bags we had used for fruit and veges.  Felt quite prepared.  Thought I did quite well considering...
  • Discovered the bulk bin is a great place to buy things without the wrapping.  I can keep the plastic bags and reuse them.
  • Got some meat at the Butchery not realising she was going to use a plastic bag to put the meat in before wrapping it in paper.  Duh.
  • The toilet paper was all wrapped in plastic apart from some single rolls which cost 95c each!  Will have to find the paper wrapped ones at Foodtown or Countdown.  I know you can get them!
  • Crackers all have plastic wrapping around them.  Ahhhhh...this is a staple snack for our family esp busy boys!
  • Yay the bakery have paper bags so I could choose my own rolls and bread!!!
  • Grabbed some of the big paper rubbish bags that we used to use in the old days (why did we stop using them anyway?) 
Our shopping was about $100 cheaper this week...hmmm did I buy enough?  Will be interesting to see how we go foodwise this week.  I haven't had a chance to do any baking this weekend as have school work to do.  String and museli bars for the boys almost finished.  How will they go with out them?  I'm not sure...watch this space!

18 November 2010

We're on the way...

It's been a tricky week this first week.  Kheva and I went to our local Foodtown supermarket on Wednesday to get some bread rolls and sadly they only had plastic bags for the loose rolls.  I ended up going to our Baker's Delight who use paper bags.  Luckily our local Pak n Save have paper bags!!!

Tomorrow is the BIG shop so will be interesting to see how we go...watch this space!!!  Have already told the boys that they can't have their normal museli bars, fruit string etc.  Kheva is OK about it but I don't think Ty understands the ramifications yet...we will see!! 

13 November 2010


Hi, I am kheva.  Compost is cool because it helps the environment alot by feeding the insects and making good soil for the plants.  It is also is good to have a worm farm because worms can eat paper and all of your food peelings etc.   We are growing a vege garden.  It is good to have a garden.  It is better than going to the supermarket and buying stuff because it saves you money and you don't need to get the plastic bags.  Check out our worm farm, compost bin and gardens... 

Great ideas for a zero waste party

Check out this link. This was a great article for how to have a zero waste party. We are having a bbq here next weekend for Cess's work colleagues so will this will be our first zero waste party!!


12 November 2010

Day One

This morning Mum called a family meeting.  She asked us if we wanted to help our environment by making our household a ZERO WASTE home.  Mum is a teacher and we have been learning about sustainability and the environment at school.  We are worried about the Earth and want to do our bit to help make it a better place.  We all agreed 100%.  Our first step is to decide on our goal and put an action plan into place.  Keep an eye out for our next post with our action plan...