21 November 2010

First BIG supermarket shop...

Jeez, that was HARD.  Ty and I went to our local Pak n Save to do the weekly shop.  I had our reuseable shopping bags with us and some of the previous plastic bags we had used for fruit and veges.  Felt quite prepared.  Thought I did quite well considering...
  • Discovered the bulk bin is a great place to buy things without the wrapping.  I can keep the plastic bags and reuse them.
  • Got some meat at the Butchery not realising she was going to use a plastic bag to put the meat in before wrapping it in paper.  Duh.
  • The toilet paper was all wrapped in plastic apart from some single rolls which cost 95c each!  Will have to find the paper wrapped ones at Foodtown or Countdown.  I know you can get them!
  • Crackers all have plastic wrapping around them.  Ahhhhh...this is a staple snack for our family esp busy boys!
  • Yay the bakery have paper bags so I could choose my own rolls and bread!!!
  • Grabbed some of the big paper rubbish bags that we used to use in the old days (why did we stop using them anyway?) 
Our shopping was about $100 cheaper this week...hmmm did I buy enough?  Will be interesting to see how we go foodwise this week.  I haven't had a chance to do any baking this weekend as have school work to do.  String and museli bars for the boys almost finished.  How will they go with out them?  I'm not sure...watch this space!

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