27 November 2010


For Immediate action:
• When making purchasing decisions, we will go for reduced/recyclable packaging, and will buy items that incorporate recycled materials, such as toilet and tissue paper made from recycled paper.
• We will keep several 'green bags' in the car boot, and use them for carrying our groceries. We will refuse plastic bags.
• We will put a "No junk mail" sticker on our letterbox.
• We will take care to maximise our recycling of clean glass, paper and plastics, as provided for by Council.
• We will compost our food scraps, and use our worm farm for paper bags and food scraps.
• We will continue to only have one household car. Cess will continue to use the bus to get to and from work.
• We will grow vegetables and herbs in our own garden to minimise the need to buy them.
• We will use home baking for school lunches etc instead of processed museli bars, biscuits etc.
• We will use only cold water for washing clothes.
Short term goals:
• We will lobby Council to extend the range of items collected for recycling, including separate collection of food and green wastes, collection of all plastics, provision for collecting old foam furniture and mattresses, and proper provision for the collection and safe disposal of our old electronic goods (TV's, mobile phones and computer stuff) and fluorescent tubes, which contain toxic wastes.
Medium to long-term goals:
• We will only buy things when we really need them, and we will try to buy items that can be repaired rather than having to be thrown away if they fail.
• Consider getting some chickens to produce free range eggs.
• Consider the large energy cost and environmental impact that results from the production of meat, and perhaps eat a little less of it?

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